Friday, 1 January 2016

Affordable Kids Electric Mini Quad Bikes at FunBikes

Treating the kids never stops!

One of our most popular products has to be our mini quad bike, with the kids wanting one in every colour and the parents trying to keep up, this brand new quad has become a market leader for performance and reliability.

All mini quads may look similar but trust us they're not! This brand new model has been improved from it's previous competitors making it perform better as well as being more reliable.

Awesome features include various modes of power: a switch dictates a choice of 3 speeds, the slowest setting being 8 km/h, the middle being 15 km/h, and the fastest 25 km/h. This benefits parents to set a slow speed for their children if required and increase it as they gain experience or as they get older.

This kids electric mini quad bike comes with forward, neutral and reverse gears and a twist grip throttle, which is easier to operate with younger hands.

Over all this mini quad is safe, quiet and simple to maintain!

Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Discover Baja styled Sand Bikes At FunBikes

Only £450.00
Looking for something a little bit different? The festive season is upon us and there's no time like the present to treat yourself! This month we've added something a little bit extra special to get your adrenaline rising, introducing the awesome Baja Big Wheel 200cc 72cm Camo All Terrain Sand Bike.

This All Terrain Sand Bike is certainly like no other, just take a look at it's unique styling and retro looks, this mean machine will get heads turning especially as you fly past them!

Topped to be a massive seller, this beauty has a simplistic but incredibly strong rigid frame, single rear drum brake, an automatic engine and a twist & go throttle making it easy to operate.

With a feisty 196cc 4 stroke engine (a clone of the Honda GX200 engine), there is so much fun to be had with this bike.

Sunday, 1 November 2015

Christmas Offers! Four Wheeled Fun For Christmas At FunBikes

At FunBikes we don't need Black Friday to provide you with the best offers, we have them all year round! If you are looking to get a slice of four wheeled fun as well as great value for money,then you should check out our latest range of quad bikes.

FunBikes Tino Rally 90cc Childs Quad Bike

This nifty quad comes with a 90cc four stroke engine originally designed by Honda OEM! You can expect much more power and torque, enough in fact to propel most adults. Can you handle the power?

M2R CM110 110cc Kids Quad Bike

If you're looking for a bargain this Christmas then this is the quad for you! This bike has a fantastic spec and is a complete steal for under £700, including aggressive off road knobbly tyres and braided steel brake lines. You don't have to hold back with this beast.

Pentora 125cc Adult Quad Bike

If you take this quad on the track, expect to kiss the competition goodbye. With 3 speed semi-auto gears plus reverse, this quad has an impressive 125cc 4 stroke single cylinder petrol engine. Where will you take this quad?

EGL Madmax 110cc Kids Quad Bike

They say don't get mad, get even but this is the perfect case when mad is better! Designed for junior riders, this quad just doesn't look good it's also a beast on the track. With precise handling, aggressive tread and a 110cc engine, this bike should be on every adrenaline seekers Christmas list.

Thursday, 1 October 2015

We're Now Taking Christmas Orders At FunBikes!

If you're eager like us then you've either started you Christmas shopping or you're preparing your mental list already. It doesn't take a genius to work out that the early bird gets the worm, which is why we want to make sure you don't miss out this Christmas.

So, to ease the stress a little bit we can now store your items for delivery until after the 10th of December. All you have to do is is choose this option at the checkout, it's that easy!

Plus, to make things even better, your warranty won't start until the 25th of December to give you a little extra peace of mind.

Need a little bit of inspiration for Christmas? Take a look at the latest gadget on the block with the Funbikes range of electric balance scooters, light weight, simple to use and lots of fun.

Let the fun begin with FunBikes.

Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Find Out How to Save 5% off Balance Scooters Here

Let us help make your Autumn epic! We've got the latest gadget on the block with the FunBikes range of electric balance scooters; light weight, simple to use and LOTS of fun.

Be like Brooklyn Beckham and wizz around on one of these scooters whilst looking awesome at the same time.

This segway style self balancing scooter is powered by lithium batteries making it super light weight and it's so easy to use; just tilt your feet forward and back to control the direct.

A range of circa 8-10 miles, a zero turning radius and a top speed of approx 10 MPH ensures the daring rider can have lots of fun speeding around and carving in and out out corners.

If you're a little bit dubious on how it works then don't worry as we've included a DVD to show you how to assemble and use the product.

Plus, Save 5% off the £250.00 price tag when you pre-order this years must have gadget.

Discover more about the FunBike balance scooters on our website.

Wednesday, 5 August 2015

FunBikes Exclusive Monkey Bikes

At FunBikes we like to be the first to bring you the latest bikes straight off the production line! Introducing our latest FunBike the Battery Powered Electric Monkey bike. Just like the name suggests this new bike takes things to a new cheeky fun level for the junior rider, and has to be the ultimate kid’s e-bike!

Available in  five striking colours: Orange, black, red, green and pink, this is an e-bike that is built to get you noticed on the track.

Take a look at these awesome features:
  • large 250-watt motor
  • high and low speed settings
  • highest speeds reach of up to 20kph 
  • very quiet therefore no noise, no pollution
  • 24volt batteries

For a detailed breakdown of all the products and features you can check out this range on our website, you’re only a click away from our FunBikes Monkey Bike section.

Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Summer Savings On Junior Quad Bikes

This summer we have some sizzling deals, if you are looking to get a slice of four wheeled fun for your young biking fanatic and want great value for money, excellent safety and durability, then FunBikes is exactly where you want to be looking.

We have shred some serious pounds on our CM110 quad bike range saving you £300.

This is the bike of choice if you have a limited budget but still want a quality machine. At FunBikes we  have succeeded in producing a tough, reliable and durable bike that will give many years of service and FUN! Designed for full off-road use this product also includes:

  • Extended rear swing arm
  • Re-enforced handlebars
  • Aggressive off road knobbly tyres
  • Braided steel brake lines
  • PP plastics
  • High strength KMC gold chain
This offer won't be around for a long period so make sure you jump on this special offer whilst you can! 

Let the fun begin!