Wednesday, 1 June 2016

New Range of Mini Quad Bikes at Funbikes

Mini quad bikes are a smaller sized version of our amazing and powerful quad bikes. If you’re a junior rider or you’re an adult looking to treat your little adrenaline junkie then look no further. High quality, durable and above all else safe, our range of battery powered electric and petrol mini quad bikes are available for the whole family to hit the dirt track and have some fun.

If that sounds great to you then you'll love to hear that we have recently extended our mini quad bikes range at FunBikes. We now have four different ranges for your to pick from:

Mini Quad Petrol 49cc

This mini quad has been specified for quality and reliability, suitable for concrete, tarmac and gentle off-road use like gravel paths and flat grass.

Mini Quad Electric 800w

Fitted with a fantastic 800 watt 36 volt motor! This is the market leader for performance and reliability.

Mini Quad Petrol 49cc big Wheel

This pocket sized, pocket priced gem is simply fabulous fun! And with bigger 6" wheels you have more ground clearance.

Mini Quad Toxic Electric big Wheel

The TOXIC features new larger wheels and rapter style bodywork, for an aggressive but FunBike look.

From as little as £229 with a saving of up to 20% off on some models, our mini quad range has something for everybody including a great range of colours.

For a detailed breakdown of all the products and features you can check out this range on our website, you’re only a click away from our FunBikes mini quad bike section.

Monday, 2 May 2016

Little Mix Spotted Using FunBikes Chaos Scooter

Little Mix are currently on tour taking the UK and the rest of the world by storm on their #GetWeirdTour and to add a little Va Va Voom to their routine they've been spotted backstage have loads of fun on our range of FunBike Chaos scooters.

Fancy racing your mates like the Little Mix crew on the FunBikes Chaos Scooter? With plenty of power and easy to control, there's no wonder the girls are loving this scooter!

In our range we have both electric and petrol models as well as big wheel varieties, available from a range of different prices.

From the creators of Puzey Design, Chaos scooters are loaded with innovative features ensuring their high quality shines through, on or off the road.

What makes this scooter stand out amongst it's competitors is that the Chaos Powerboards are designed and manufactured using state of the art techniques, making them superior to all others on the market. Modern, powerful and attractive, what more could you want from a scooter?

Chaos Sport 48 Volt 1600W Electric Scooter Big Wheel Powerboard
For a detailed breakdown of all the products and features you can check out this range on our website, you’re only a click away from our FunBikes Scooters section.

Friday, 1 April 2016

Deal Alert - FunBikes Funkart

There's no holding back with the specially designed and created FunBikes Funkart.

Ideal for kids aged 8 years and over, this mini go kart is powerful enough to give you a rush as you race around the dirt track.

In stock we have two models that come in 3 different colour variations, the FunBikes Funkart 79cc Kids Mini Go Kart and the FunBikes Funkart 1000w Electric Kids Mini Go Kart.

FunBikes Funkart 79cc Kids Mini Go Kart - Save upto 20%

Powered by a 79.5cc 4 stroke, single cylinder petrol motor, this ride features a fully automatic drive just simply press the throttle and off you go!

With a quoted manufacturers max speed of 25mph, this petrol engine is a bit more fruity with it's performance than the electric version, so if you have a mini adrenalin junkie at home this is the version to buy.

FunBikes Funkart 1000w Electric Kids Mini Go Kart - Save up to 10%

Powered by a 48 volt 1000 watt electric motor, controls include forward and reverse gears and with the flick of a switch this kart has 3 speed settings which are selected with a key (the key is removable). The three speeds are:

  1. Low: 6mph
  2. Medium: 13mph
  3. High: 22mph

The battery life is variable depending on several factors including: the drivers weight, the terrain it’s on and how it’s being driven.

In optimum conditions the manufacturer quotes 14 miles (23km), from experience we realistically say a range of 5-7 miles is more realistic.

The driver’s seat is fully adjustable, so you can ride it in comfort!

With loads of fun guaranteed to be had with the FunBikes Funkart, which model will you pick?

Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Full Metal Buggy - Save On Our Funbikes GTS150 Super Sport Off Road Buggy

Looking for a holiday treat? Go full metal on our impressive GTS150 Super Sport Off Road Buggy, whether you're a teenager or a big kid at heart this GTS must be at the top of your wish list.

Fun for all the family, this safe and reliable off road buggy features an innovative design that stands out amongst its competitors. It's strong and robust shape is a safe alternative to quads and go-karts that lack the reinforced steel roll cage.

Special features include:

  • 2 extra reinforced bars to the cage to add strength but still with the wide set wheels designed to increase stability.
  • 5 point safety harness for driver and passenger
  • Individually adjustable racing style seats, sleek and stylish new body panels
  • Finally the much favoured GY6 engine.

At FunBikes you will find that we sell both the GT150 and the GTS150, the older GT is slightly bigger and faster but both models have different advantages which we can help to clarify. Just give us a call, visit us in store or contact us on social media and we'll be able to help.

This model is available in four colours: Blue, black, red and yellow, which one will you take home?

Monday, 22 February 2016

Velocifero MAD - The NEW Must Have Scooter

Say hello to our latest Electric Scooter - The Velocifero MAD.

Electric, foldable, with a modern and elegant design, the new Velocifero MAD is set to storm the UK market and we're the first to stock them! You will only be able to shop this scooter exclusively at FunBikes so make sure you don't miss out.

Cross between a mini-scooter and an electric bike. The bamboo footrest resembles the latest generation of skateboards, the fat tyres give it a sports look and the styling makes it stand out.

Choose between our 1600 watt 48 Volt motor model with or without a Lithium battery, the Lithium battery model has a longer battery life,

Available in serveral different styles, you can tackle any terrain with this scooter's generous torque and enviable performance. Please note that this scooter is NOT road legal.

Grab one now and make someones life epic!

Friday, 1 January 2016

Affordable Kids Electric Mini Quad Bikes at FunBikes

Treating the kids never stops!

One of our most popular products has to be our mini quad bike, with the kids wanting one in every colour and the parents trying to keep up, this brand new quad has become a market leader for performance and reliability.

All mini quads may look similar but trust us they're not! This brand new model has been improved from it's previous competitors making it perform better as well as being more reliable.

Awesome features include various modes of power: a switch dictates a choice of 3 speeds, the slowest setting being 8 km/h, the middle being 15 km/h, and the fastest 25 km/h. This benefits parents to set a slow speed for their children if required and increase it as they gain experience or as they get older.

This kids electric mini quad bike comes with forward, neutral and reverse gears and a twist grip throttle, which is easier to operate with younger hands.

Over all this mini quad is safe, quiet and simple to maintain!

Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Discover Baja styled Sand Bikes At FunBikes

Only £450.00
Looking for something a little bit different? The festive season is upon us and there's no time like the present to treat yourself! This month we've added something a little bit extra special to get your adrenaline rising, introducing the awesome Baja Big Wheel 200cc 72cm Camo All Terrain Sand Bike.

This All Terrain Sand Bike is certainly like no other, just take a look at it's unique styling and retro looks, this mean machine will get heads turning especially as you fly past them!

Topped to be a massive seller, this beauty has a simplistic but incredibly strong rigid frame, single rear drum brake, an automatic engine and a twist & go throttle making it easy to operate.

With a feisty 196cc 4 stroke engine (a clone of the Honda GX200 engine), there is so much fun to be had with this bike.