Monday, 14 April 2014

Discover The 49cc Mini Moto Range At FunBikes

Prepare to have plenty of fun with this zippy, pocket sized and pocket priced gem. If you’re familiar with mini moto’s and how much fun they are, you’ll be thrilled with our new four wheel version: The Mini Moto Quad Bike.

The phenomenal success of FunBikes over the last ten years has allowed us to work with our manufacturers to bring you this special four wheeled mini moto that has the same huge grin factor as its two wheeled siblings.

Although they are designed with young riders in mind it will be very tempting for the older kids (namely mum and dad) to have a go too, so the whole family can join in!

This quad is suitable for concrete, tarmac and gentle off-road use like gravel paths and flat grass.
With features such as:

•    49cc 2 Stroke - Single cylinder - Air cooled engine
•    Triple disk brakes
•    Off road tyres
•    Fully automatic just rev-and-go
•    Front twin shock - Rear monoshock suspension
•    High stress steel frame
•    Top speed approximately 20mph on tarmac

These machines come in a variety of exciting and eye catching colours to suit anybody’s preference, so which one will you pick?

Please take note that a mechanically able person will be required to carry out the assembly and maintenance of this product.

Get your hands on this mini moto whilst stocks last, especially as we have a special offer for a limited time only making this quad only £199!

Let the fun begin with FunBikes.

Friday, 14 March 2014

Purchase The Hammerhead GTS150 Off Road Buggy At Funbikes

Are you in need of some off road fun? Well, look no further than the Hammerhead GTS150 off road buggy, now with an upgraded 150cc GY6 high performance engine!

This rough and ready buggy has even more torque available and is even more reliable. Everything from the frame to the heavy duty suspension is tested for maximum strength and reliability so it won’t let you down.

Let’s take a quick look at the brand new 2014 feature which come with this buggy:

•    New design two tone bucket seats with more side support
•    New matt black rims
•    New aluminium rear muffler
•    New design steering wheel
•    New 150cc engine with more power

This buggy is delivered assembled, MIRA tested and quality approved. We take away the hassle of assembly so you can take it out for a spin as soon as you get your buggy.

So, why should your purchase from FunBikes we hear you ask? Unlike most other online retailers, Funbikes offer a full backup service and FREE technical support to all of our customers.

Read the full technical breakdown of the Hammerhead GTS150 off road buggy at FunBikes today!

Monday, 3 March 2014

Funbikes Range Of Cobia 50cc Quad Bikes

Let us introduce you to one of the best quad bikes that we sell – it’s none other than the fantastic Cobia 50cc quad bike designed especially for junior riders.

This powerful 50cc 2-stroke motor is just right for kids and of course big kids too (we’re looking at you dad!)

So, why does this bike make the perfect kids quad bike? The quad has a bunch of amazing features such as a wireless remote control safety engine shut off which offers the most convenient control and safety for new riders.

It’s easy to use, an electric starter provides an effortless start up with just the push of a button. Plus the fully automatic CVT transmission eliminates the need for gear shifting so you can concentrate on the main things: riding and having fun.

Other features include:

•    A rear mechanical disk brake provides dependable stopping power.
•    A sturdy front bumper.
•    Maxxis tyres developed exclusively for Dinl ATV's provide excellent traction on all types of terrain.
•    Mechanical front shocks work to keep the wheels on the ground and offer stability over uneven terrain.
•    Fully enclosed floorboards.
•    The durable bodywork is functional and stylish.
•    We use an o-ring drive chain that will last far longer than ordinary chains. The o-rings keep the dirt and grime out and the lubrication in. A chain tensioner is also used to keep the tension on the chain and reduce maintenance.

This quad comes in a variety of different colours. Choose your style - blue, red, orange and yellow colours available.

As this bike in made in Taiwan the quality is extremely high, so much so, that the Cobia 50 comes with a 1 year warranty. Similar in build quality and reliability to the equivalent Suzuki or Yamaha quads.

Plenty of power, fun, fast and furious is what you get with the Cobia quad bike so make sure you snap yours up quickly online at FunBikes. For the full spec of the Cobia 50 kids quad bike please visit our kids quad bike page.

Monday, 16 December 2013

Kids Protective Motorcycle Clothing At FunBikes

At FunBikes we stock a wide collection of protective motorcycle clothing and helmets specifically designed to keep junior riders safe. From elbow and knee pads to safety jackets you can find everything you need to keep your thrill seeking child safe and protected whilst out riding on those dirt tracks.

Here is a selection of great products you can find online at FunBikes:

Wulfsport Cub Force M/X Glove

This glove is a must have and an essential piece of kit for the best performances on the track, in the woods or zooming across fields and open stretches of land. Fully washable, tough knuckle protection, awesome palm and finger grip to ensure the rider hangs on when in full throttle mode.

Wulfsport Cub Stratos Race Shirt

Supporting the new Predator design, the quality of this shirt is exceptional. The wear and tear you normally get from off-roading presents this shirt which a challenge which it exceeds every time! This shirt is made from sweat absorbing fabric and has a reflective square panel which offers a great safety feature in dim light and poor visibility.

Wulfsport Stratos Cub Ride Jacket

Designed to keep you warm and relatively dry, this jacket is made from a tough and durable lightweight material which will protect you against those knocks and scrapes that usually occur when piloting your bike. The jacket has reflective square panels for safety in dark or misty conditions. The sleeves and the lower back area are elasticated to suit the individual which offers a better fit. There is a mesh inner lining for temperature control and ventilation and the collar is sweat absorbent, so that your neck does not become irritated and uncomfortable.

Wulfsport Cub Racing Suit

This is the answer to kitting out your kids in one go! The fabric is hard wearing with a collar fastening and a Velcro belt, the wrist and ankle cuffs are elasticated as well as elasticated shoulder joints.

You can find all our kids riding clothing and helmets in a wide range of different colours to suit both male and female riders. Let the fun begin with visiting FunBikes for great online offers. 

Tuesday, 10 December 2013

New In For 2014 – The MXR Mini Dirt Bike

At FunBikes we aim to bring you the best mini and midi motos available on the market, which is why we now have the new MXR mini dirt bike available to buy. Be prepared to take things to the next level as this bike tops the scale on aesthetics and build quality.

So what features does it include we hear you ask? The 50cc 2 stroke engine is geared for low down pulling power not for top speed, so if you want instant acceleration, and fantastic wheelie power – this is the bike you need!

Designed for teenagers and kids 10 years and up, this bike is fully automatic –so simply just rev n go. Available to buy in three different colours: blue, orange, and green you’ll definitely stand out for all the right reasons on the dirt track.

This is a great fun bike, and it is designed to use on flat off road ground, so make sure not to use it on mud, jumps or motox type use.

To put it simply the new MXR bike is simply amazing and what makes it better is that at FunBikes  we offer a full after sales service and free technical backup to all our customers, so if you have any problems just contact us!

For more information on the MXR mini dirt bike you can find a full feature break down and imagery online at FunBikes.

Monday, 25 November 2013

Hit The Dirt Track With Shark Off Road Buggies

If you’re looking for an off road buggy for a junior adrenaline seeker, then you’ve come to the right place as we have a superb collection of cool off road buggies suitable for children to handle.

Let us introduce you the Shark Micro RV, a buggy which is renowned for being one of the most robust buggy brands in its class and is suitable for children up to 10 years of age and is fun, safe and CE approved.

Designed with children in mind, this go-anywhere little off road buggy will tackle steep banks and hillsides to thick muddy tracks!

With a better specification than any of our rivals, the Shark Micro RV buggy now includes a 4 point safety harness, push button electric start and remote control cut out, (up to 300 ft. range).

Controls define simplicity with stop/go foot pedals and a throttle restrictor so you can set the desired speed.

The Shark is also quiet, making it ideal for home garden use, and is extremely robust.

More importantly, it’s far too small for dad to jump in and steal it!

Special features include:

•    A fully adjustable throttle restrictor (Allows you to decide how much acceleration or top speed)
•    Electric start
•    Remote control engine cut out 
•    4 Point seat belt safety harnesses
•    Automatic transmission
•    Fully adjustable suspension
•    Pull Start back up
•    Bucket seats
•    Adjustable throttle and brake pedals
•    Low noise engine ideal for home - garden use
•    Rear of seat base to pedals - closest 53 cm / furthest 73 cm - (don't forget you drive with your legs slightly bent)

If that hasn’t persuaded you then the price will, for £865 you can have this buggy and the best part is that the bike arrives fully built, tested and with a six month manufacturer’s defects warranty (parts only).

So order today before 12 noon to get your off road buggy despatched the very same day, or you can shop our full collection of off road buggies online at FunBikes.

Thursday, 14 November 2013

Cobia Quad Bikes at FunBikes

Available to order online we have the Cobia 50cc kid’s quad bike which comes in five different colours red, blue, black, yellow, and white.  This 50cc 2 stroke motor is just the right size for a younger rider and has plenty of power so that they won't outgrow it quickly!

Operating this quad couldn’t be easier, start the electric engine with a simple push of a button and the fully automatic CVT transmission eliminates the need for gear shifting so you can concentrate on riding and having fun.

With features such as:

•    Remote control engine cut out
•    A rear mechanical disk brake provides dependable stopping power
•    Sturdy front bumper
•    Maxxis tyres developed exclusively for Dinli atv's provide excellent traction on all types of terrain.
•    Mechanical front shocks
•    Fully enclosed floorboards offer great protection and keep you clean.

We use an o-ring drive chain that will last far longer than an ordinary chain. The o-rings keep the dirt and grime out and the lubrication in, a chain tensioner is also used to keep the tension on the chain and reduce maintenance.

This bike in made in Taiwan which mean the quality is very high, so much so, that we believe in the quality of our bikes which is why the Cobia 50 comes with a 1 year warranty and all for just £999.00.

The Cobia is one of best quad bikes that we sell for kids, you can find it online at FunBike’s along with a large collection of kid’s quad bikes.